Below is a selection of my personal work. You can also view my work organised into the following categories: All, Shy Bairns, Lonely Boy, Artwork and Curation.

Elvis Top Surgery 1 (ongoing series)

Images of historical figures of masculinity and sexuality merged with found images of top surgeries.


Active Online

The Barbican

(Nov 2019)

A panel discussion organised by mother tongues, also featuring Angela Chan (Worm Ecology) and Angela Chamacho (The Bonita Chola). We discussed online activist practices -- I talked about my experience running @transmascstudies. (1).gif

9 O'Clock News Coverage BBC News Invasion in Protest of Section 28

(May 2019)

Video piece looking at lesbian media and the Section 28 protests.

ur cis front page shine.jpg

Ur Cis

(Nov 2018)

24 page digitally printed zine giving advice to allies of trans people.

trans masc shorter.gif



Instagram page documenting my research into masculine-leaning gender variance throughout history and culture

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Card from Bet to Lou (March 10, 1989)

(Jun 2018)

Large-scale three panel poster based on correspondence between Bet Power and Lou Sullivan